Marriage Counselor & Couples Therapist

Julie Shepardson, MA, Oviedo, FL Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Teen Counseling

Adolescent Therapy & Teen Counseling in Oviedo

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Individual Counselor

Counseling and therapy for a wide range of issues including anxiety and depression.

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Have you felt down, lonely, sad or depressed lately? Do you feel isolated and distant from the ones you most care about? Do you desire change, but feel stuck and afraid to take the first step towards change? Are you overwhelmed by simple tasks? It is possible to move through these feelings and engage in your life again and therapy can help you do that. Others with these same struggles benefit from therapy every day.

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Anxiety, fear, panic, worry, overwhelm. All of these words describe the body’s natural alarm system that has gotten its wires crossed. It is experienced in the body through racing heartbeat, rapid breathing, and tension, as well as in the mind, with intense fears, racing thoughts and obsessive thinking. But anxiety is also very treatable. I can teach you many tools and techniques to help you calm your body and adjust your thinking so you can feel in control again.

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Couples Therapy

It can feel painful and isolating when you are in a disconnected relationship or marriage. Poor communication, increased conflict, demands of work and family, and infidelity are only a few of the reasons a relationship might struggle. Therapy can help you work through these issues to create a stronger, healthier relationship. I use an approach tailored directly to the needs of your unique situation to help you free yourselves from negative patterns and build healthy connections that lead to greater trust and happiness.

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Teen Counseling

Is there a teen or young adult you’re worried about and can’t connect with? Do you fear they’re depressed and overwhelmed, or perhaps abusing drugs or alcohol? Is there frequent conflict at home or at school? Have you seen a change in their behavior or a decline in their grades? Are they complaining about a high level of stress, overwhelm or anxiety? All of these suggest that it’s probably a good idea for either or both of you to speak with a therapist.

Contact me today at 407-696-9909 to discover how my counseling and psychotherapy services may benefit you. My therapy office is located in Oviedo which is just northeast of Orlando, FL. I enjoy receiving calls and emails and I look forward to hearing from you.