Therapy Services


How can a therapist help you? I can help you identify what it is you want, what’s holding you back, and how you can create a life that is more fulfilling and enjoyable. Getting a fresh perspective from someone with an objective point of view who won’t judge you, hold anything against you, or just […]

Anxiety Help

Looking for anxiety help? If you struggle with panic attacks, chronic worry, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias or obsessive compulsive disorder, here’s help that’s practical and powerful. Anxiety disorders are generally very treatable, but when you experience one, you probably find it hard to overcome. The reason is that, while you have the ability […]

Depression Treatment

Have you been feeling down lately? Depressed? Are you lonely, sad, or simply unhappy? Are you distressed by a particular situation? If so, I can help you. Depression can take many forms from mild and situational, to long term and chronic. It is an illness that involves your body, your mood, and your thoughts. It […]

Emotional Eating

Are you sick and tired of binging, restrictive dieting, obsessing about your weight, feeling out of control around food, and using food to manage your emotions? Do you feel like you’ve tried all the diets, but you’re stuck in the yo/yo cycle, unable to get off the roller coaster because you never feel good about […]

Marriage Counselor, Couples Therapist Oviedo, FL

Do you wish you could go back to a time in your relationship when you felt valued and loved? Do you feel alone in your relationship? Are you frequently hurt, frustrated, or angry with your partner or spouse and do your attempts to talk about it only make it worse between the two of you? […]

Teen Counseling Oviedo, FL

Have you noticed a concerning change in your teenager’s emotional stability or behavior? Do you fear they’re depressed or depressed and worry that they’re using drugs and alcohol? Is your teenage child struggling to function at school, home or in society? Do you wish you better understood your teen’s experience and had the skills and […]