Teen Counseling Oviedo, FL

teen counseling, counselor, oviedo, flHave you noticed a concerning change in your teenager’s emotional stability or behavior?

Do you fear they’re depressed or depressed and worry that they’re using drugs and alcohol?

Is your teenage child struggling to function at school, home or in society?

Do you wish you better understood your teen’s experience and had the skills and support to help him or her work through the challenging teenage years?

You may wonder when you last had a meaningful conversation with your teen. He or she may not talk to you, or else quickly resort to yelling. You may have the same fight over and over, without achieving resolution or clarity. Perhaps you come home from work and find your teen already in his or her bedroom. Your child may refuse to come out to spend time with the family or share in family responsibilities. Alternately, your teenager may leave for hours at a time without telling you where he or she is going.

You may be concerned your teen is becoming socially isolated. He or she may be a high-achiever and always too busy with studying, practice or clubs to spend time with friends. It could be that your teen is reluctant to talk to family, but also worries about being liked or judged by peers. It’s not uncommon for parents to become worried they’re losing touch with their child, feeling frustrated they are unable to help through these difficulties.

Many Teens Feel Like They Are Facing Their Struggles Alone

There are many reasons your teen may be struggling, including relationship issues with peers or family members, social phobias, anxiety or depression. More than three in four teens has been the victim of verbal, online or physical bullying, which can lead to increased anxiety, depression or other serious issues. Some teens turn to substance abuse to cope with or escape the difficulties they face. Many teens experience frustration as they transition from child to adult and feel like their voice isn’t heard or doesn’t matter. They begin seeking more independence from their parents as they try to define themselves. This can create power struggles as you are forced to let go of the controls at a time when your child is suffering and unsure. The good news is that teen counseling can help your child understand and overcome the difficulties he or she is facing.

I am a parent as well and I have worked with teens for many years. I understand what your teen – and you – are going through. I am here to care for your teen’s well-being, building a relationship to help him or her grow and develop, teaching them healthy ways to cope and move through challenges. Everyone needs someone to talk to, and I offer a safe and confidential place for teens and young adults to do that.

Many parents wish to know what their teen is saying in sessions. It is important to remember that maintaining your teen’s confidentiality is an imperative part of building a trusting relationship – as well as being protected by HIPPAA law. It takes time to feel understood and valued, and your teen must believe that what he or she shares will remain between him or her and myself. Your teen won’t value anything I say unless he or she trusts me. That being said, if at any time during the therapeutic process I have safety concerns, you will be the first to know, and your involvement will increase dramatically.

I am collaborative and flexible in my approach, creating a therapeutic process specifically designed to fit your teen. I try to base my approach around your teen’s interests and strengths, like art or music. Once trust is built, I can help your teen gain personal insights so he or she can learn how to overcome challenges. At this point I may also bring you back in to help heal and strengthen the family system.

Adolescents and young adults face challenges and cultural forces that weren’t encountered a generation ago. Your teenager is still growing and developing. It is possible for teens to get through this difficult stage and feel better. If your teen struggles with anxiety or depression, it doesn’t mean he or she always will. My treatment focuses on overcoming – rather than simply managing – the challenges. With the support of an experienced therapist, it is possible for your teen to feel better, learn valuable life skills and to go on and build a happy and healthy life for themselves.