psychotherapy-oviedoHow can a therapist help you?

I can help you identify what it is you want, what’s holding you back, and how you can create a life that is more fulfilling and enjoyable. Getting a fresh perspective from someone with an objective point of view who won’t judge you, hold anything against you, or just tell you what you want to hear, can give you the boost you need to get real, get honest, and get engaged in your life again!

We have all experienced periods of frustration, depression, unhappiness, anger, or anxiety. In our world today, these emotions are commonplace. It’s when these emotions or situations just won’t go away, and start to influence our work life, home life, school, and relationships, you might want to consider therapy.

Therapy can help …

  • When your relationships leave you stressed or unfulfilled, or are just full of conflict
  • When you feel out of control and can’t stop eating or binging and purging
  • When raising your family, or going to school, or just your daily life, feels exhausting or overwhelming
  • When the joy of living becomes lost in the day to day activities and you’re not really sure why
  • When you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, hurt, sad, angry or uncertain
  • When you’ve taken a look at your life and realized that the person you have become is not the person you want to be
  • When you realize that you have developed habits that are hurting yourself or others

Creating the life and the relationships you want is not only possible, it can also be fun, exciting, and healing. Old patterns, beliefs, past hurts, don’t have to hold you back. Heal the past and create a rich, new, and flexible present. Open yourself up to a future that honors who you wish to become.

If you are looking for a a therapist in the Orlando area call me at 407-696-9909 for more information about how my services can benefit you.