Emotional Eating

  • Are you sick and tired of binging, restrictive dieting, obsessing about your weight, feeling out of control around food, and using food to manage your emotions?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried all the diets, but you’re stuck in the yo/yo cycle, unable to get off the roller coaster because you never feel good about your size or the way you look?
  • Are you at war with your body?
  • Do you worry that you’ll never get your eating under control?


You may be eating more than your body needs in response to your emotions and not in response to your body’s true hunger.  This is often referred to as Emotional Eating.

Emotional eating is a very common, but very complex issue. Often times we are able to get to the root of our emotional eating by ourselves through journaling, reading books, or talking to trusted friends. But other times, we find that we aren’t making the progress we would like to make by these methods alone. This is where I come in.

My approach to emotional eating involves treating the emotional aspect of the issue, as well as improving knowledge about nutrition and finding joyful movement. As we work together, we will examine and challenge your limiting thoughts, gain insight into your emotional triggers, improve your ability to identify your feelings, and expand your range of coping skills.

We will work on nutrition through education about portion sizes, how to make healthier choices around food, and how to incorporate balance into our meals. Because this isn’t a diet, no foods are off limits in moderation.

If weight loss is your goal, movement will also be a component in the program. But we’ll have FUN doing it as we explore different options and find the movement that you most enjoy.  Many of my clients like to take our sessions outside where we can “Walk and Talk” down a beautiful nature trail near my office.

I will never weigh you. We’ll never talk about how much weight you’ve lost, because frankly, I don’t care! We will focus on getting you off the Emotional Eating Roller Coaster once and for all so you can feel comfortable and in control around food, and finally be at peace with your eating and your weight!

If you’re struggling with Emotional Eating, or know someone who is, call my office today at 407-696-9909 for a free consultation!