Are you struggling with painful feelings or a difficult situation?

I can help.

Have you been feeling down, worried, or stressed for longer than you feel is normal? 

Are anxiety or depression disrupting your daily life? 

Are you struggling with your weight or your relationship to food? 

I am an experienced Therapist and Life Coach with tools and techniques to help you resolve the pain that you’re feeling right now, determine solutions to your difficult situations, and help you to create a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

I offer counseling for individuals struggling with sadness, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress, eating disorders and weight management.

Counseling does not have to go on for many months or years to bring about solutions or change. Often clients find that their lives feel brighter and more manageable after just a few sessions. Within the comfortable and supportive atmosphere of my office, clients achieve the solutions and personal growth they are striving for.

I also offer Life Coaching and Weight Loss Coaching for those who desire to focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully achieve their personal or professional goals.

I also offer a Weight Loss Support Group for those interested in reinventing their relationship to food in a safe, supportive atmosphere.  This is a great opportunity to understand the connection between your thoughts, your feelings, and your eating, identify your triggers to overeating, and to make peace with food, once and for all!  Click here for more information!

If you are seeking a weight loss coach in the Orlando area call me at 407-696-9909 for more information about how my services can benefit you.  You may also like to check out my other site for more info!